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Amputee On Call of Pensacola

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Amputee On Call is a FREE service to the community. We accept donations but do  not charge for any of our services.

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Our Projects

Assistance to the disabled

Although our name is Amputee On Call, our staff will help with any one in need of assistance. We are disability advocates! We understand the problems you will encounter in searching for assistance.

Disability Rights

We are part of a international team of advocates to ensure the disabled gain and retain their Civil Rights.

Children's Rights

We support and defend our children's rights to ensure proper care and education.

Veteran Issues

Part of our staff are Vets and understand the problems Vets encounter in dealing with the Veterans Administration. We Can Help!!


Please feel free to contact us:

BY Phone: 850-475-5915 or 850-206-4715

BY Email:

Or our Mailing Address:

Amputee On Call

1236 Greystone Lane

Pensacola, Florida 32514



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