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Kids are special and you need to be aware
Like all living creatures children learn from somewhere
So teach your children well, to love, help and share

In our society we see all types of disabilities even in children. Children are people to and as adults we need to teach our children the values of a diversified community. Just as there are differences in skin color and economic status, there are children with disabilities.
Many of us are disabled in some form or fashion. In this world, we look, and see people who are overweight, bald, skinny, short, tall, on and on. There are unseen disabilities all around us. Just as an amputation can make us different, so can being bald. It is different not have hair, to be fat, to be real tall, or real short. We seem to overlook the baldness, the fatness, the tallness, or any other physical difference, why can we not overlook the amputation, the hearing aid, and the wheelchair? There is no reason to treat the individual with disability any different than you would anyone else.
We sometime forget this in our rush and the person with a disability is weakened in sprit for it. It is OK to ask if the person needs assistance. But, Please, ASK, maybe they don't want help. Maybe they would like some help. Do not talk down to the person. Talk with them. As I build this area, I welcome comment and questions.

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