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Total Access

Web Consultants

9730 Hollowbrook Dr. Pensacola FL 32514  850-474-4733


At Total Access, our goal is to provide the most accessible web site possible.

We know that there will always be some who can not access your website. But the more

that view your site, the more your business grows.

Red Line

Our Staff consist of People with Disabilities

PWD's Understand the problems of access and are keenly aware of the need for ACCESS

Red Line

As with any web service, noting is free.

However, our services are reasonable. You will find our pricing well below the area average.

Part of this is due to the fact that we are here to hire the PWD.

Our company has formed in order to provide the PWD's jobs.

Working with State and Local Agencies to identify and train the disabled, we hope to provide an new avenue for PWD's. We are in the process of building internet access, web hosting services, and a complete web presents solution for any one wanting to tap into the 20% of the population that are disabled.

By using our services, you will not loose any of your existing customer base ! In fact you can only benefit form making your site MORE ACCESSIBLE !

COST!! Not as much as you may think !

The average website can be revamped to meet Standard Compliance (W3C) for ONLY $249.95*

New Websites from THE VERY LOW PRICE OF


The Ultimate Website form


Custom Artwork pricing starts at only


Complete Web packages are available on 6 month and 1 year contract starting on only

$349.95 for 6 months

$599.95 for 1 year

So what's Keeping Your COMPANY form being a LEADER ?

Call today: 850-474-4733  or contact us by Email












* Using you existing provider and content/ up to 50 pages

** Using your Ideas and Artwork

***Using our Ideas and Stock Artwork