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Pegglegg's Rezoome
Dolphine Jumping out of water
Name: Pegglegg
go fishin
Address: Pensacola, FL
My Ojectiv: Go Fitchen
EDUCATION: I went ta skool for a long time. Dat princkiple toll me he sur waz glad I got dat Daploma. He waz so tire of myself causin all dat problem. I pass to dat colague but day said I waz not watt day waz lokin fur.
EMPLOYMENT: I gots me dis damn job one time. It wazah good damn job. I could fitch all da time I likes dis job so mush,I waz gonna stay a long time. Dat fourmens toll me one day dat I got fired. I ax him how come u iz firen me. He said all I did all day lone waz fitch. I said man ya giv misef dis damn job and den tels myself I gets fired cause I fitched to mush. Dat dunt maks no cents to myself atoll. He tolls me I waz pose to work on dat damn not pose to fitch all da day. I said dats fine wit me. If I gott to chuz tween works an fitch, I myself is goin fitchin
I gots myself nutter job. Dat mans said I gots ta came dare every day I ax hisef wen I waz gonna fitch an hunts, he said u's gotta pass to dis plase ever day to keep dis job. I toll hims ifn I donts gos fitchin and hunting I is nots gonna works.
.I gots dis ottur jobs wit dis mans he fitches all da time. Come ta fin out he wants me ta stay at his place an work wile he gos fitchen.
My broder in laws calls an gots me dis job way outs in dat gulfs in dat Mexcin. wells I gos dare an day wants me to works all day an sometim all da damn nite. I gots no time to fitchan.... an all dat water.
Dat mans in da town says i jus aint gots no place to work so I went to fitchen an huntin some too . I eats good an have all da fitch an da meets I needs.
SKILLS: I can hunts an fitch reel good. So emails me and we go fitchen or huntin sometime!!

Pegglegg's Grafix

Updated: Feb 29, 2000